About SDL Tridion World

SDL Tridion World is a community Web site for customers, partners and other stakeholders with interest in Web Content Management. You can find and share information on both business and technical subjects.

Why SDL Tridion World?

SDL Tridion World is intended to be the single place where technically oriented people can go to find the relevant information about SDL Tridion and its products and services. Rather than having to go to either the SDL Tridion extranet, the forum or even other places, we put all information and online applications in one place.

In addition, developers can contribute their own content in this community Web site, and exchange information with other developers. We will grow World with your input and feedback, and intend to make it the place where you can find everything you need to do your job using SDL Tridion products.

What you can find on SDL Tridion World

  • Share and download reusable tools, Modular Templates, scripts, etc. Basically everything that can be a building block. 
  • Technical and functional articles/knowledge. Marketing and business related articles will follow as well. 
  • Download product brochures and whitepapers. All corporate collateral is there. 
  • Easy access to Customer support information like software and documentation downloads, online tickets, forums, etc. 
  • See upcoming events for partners, customers and knowledge days. That includes presentation downloads after an event took place. 
  • A release section with news, latest releases, roadmap and more.  

Getting access

Access to SDL Tridion world is restricted to authorized users only. You can access this site with your Customer or Partner Extranet account. If you do not have an account yet, provide us with your details for you registration.

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Do you have any suggestions?

At this point SDL Tridion World still has a beta status, because we are continuously adding information and improving the functionality of the Web site. Please send us any suggestion you have to improve this Web site to world@sdltridion.com.