Community Technology Preview of SDL Tridion 2011

The end of development for the SDL Tridion 2011 release is approaching. This release includes a number of enhancements requested by customers and partners. In order to provide our community with firsthand knowledge into the release and with a chance to explore these changes and provide feedback SDL is releasing the product for Community Technology Preview (CTP) in the period of July to August 2010.

SDL Tridion 2011

The 2011 release of SDL Tridion is including user interface improvements, a RESTful web service and improvements to the Broker API on Content Delivery side and a registration-based object oriented event system and web service on the Content Management side. These enhancements make this an exciting release.


The CTP is a subset of the main release that has been tested and quality controlled, and therefore provides a sneak peek into major functionality of the release. We like to reach out to our community of customers and partners to bring firsthand knowledge into all these improvements and new features that will be part of the SDL Tridion 2011 release.

Boot camp

The Boot camp model is a concentrated way of sharing knowledge quickly and effectively.  We will try to optimize your experience by presenting the details of the functionality, showing examples of how that could be employed and challenging you to take it further in hands on sessions.

7-8 July 2010 Boot camp Amsterdam

Subjects of the sessions day 1:

CM: GUI Extension Model The new GUI Extension capability: What is it, what is new, how to use it, what can you do with it? This session explores the GUI extension model and provides a demonstration of use.

CD: MVC and CD Architecture Changes to CD architecture: how has it changed, where is it going, which frameworks can/should you use? This session discusses the changing web architectures, how the product supports them and provides a demonstration of use.

CM: .NET Event system The event system has been converted to .NET and that brings a number of advantages with it. This session describes what has changed, how to use it to your advantage and provides a demonstration of use.

CD: Web service The addition of a RESTful web service to the CD stack opens up a number of possibilities. But what exactly is exposed by the web service? This session explores what is available and possible and provides a demonstration of use.

Subjects of the sessions day 2:

CM: Core Service The core service provides web service access to core processes. What is exposed, what can you do with it and why use the core service instead of TOM .NET? This session deals with these questions and provides a demonstration of use.

CD: Data storage & Rendering What is new in the data storage layer and how useful is it to the implementer? What can you do with content rendering? This session explores the new data storage model, how to use it, the rendering service and its advantages and provides a demonstration of use.

CM / CD Open session with R&D to handle questions and requests, etc.