Web2.0: engaging customer passion

The communication channels available through social networking, blogs, customer communities and online interactive environments have given rise to remarkable levels of user involvement and user-generated content. This has resulted in a new Web economy, where content is transformed into passionate customer activity rather than passive browsing behavior.

Know your target audience

The key to choosing the best tools to engage your online audience lies in knowing your audience. Participation should be spontaneous and emerge out the value-added that your customers and prospects identify by the type of online interaction you provide.

Have a strategy

The real use of any tool lies within your integrated communication plan and your overall marketing mix, not just your internet presence. As such, to choose your tools wisely and thereby your investments, you need to approach your plan using the same logic and careful planning that you use for any type of communication.

Select the right tools

By selecting the right tools for your particular product, brand or campaign, your organization can fulfill the desire and expectations that customers now have for interaction. In doing so, you can address online visitors in each phase of their buying cycle including awareness, interest, desire, action and satisfaction.

KickApps integration

This eXtension allows you to integrate the KickApps Comments and Ratings capabilities within the SDL Tridion environment so that website visitors can interact with you through content.

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