Using Content Porter 2009 SP1 for DTAP - Part 3

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From Dev to Production



Team(s) Involved

Development of Solution

System Engineering
Design & Development

Packaging for QA

System Engineering

Deployment in QA

Tech Services

Test in QA

Quality Assurance

Deployment in Production

Tech Services

Test in Production

Quality Assurance

Rules of the game

System Engineering team does not have access to any Tridion Environment outside DEV
System Engineering has full access to DEV servers.

Design & Development team does not have access to design building blocks in QA or Production (no changes allowed)
Design & Development team does have access to create Pages and Components in Production (maybe not QA)

Editorial team does not have access to DEV nor QA

Tech Services team has administrator access to ALL environments

Helpdesk has administrator access to DEV and Production (no QA access, QA users are never created through the helpdesk)

Figure 1. Typical scenario, unified development team

Figure 2. Complex scenario, multiple development teams

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