Using Content Porter 2009 SP1 for DTAP - Part 5

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In the event the situations below are encountered, please take note of the following possible causes and always check the Content Porter log files (ContentPorter.log, CP_Import.log, CP_Export.log) for additional details.

Unable to connect to server

If you receive the error:

�         "Could not find SDL Tridion Content Manager server xyz. Please verify the server is running and that Content Porter 2009 server is installed", check you are connected to the network on which the CMS is running, check the server is available and the account used has access.  Also check the Content Porter 2009 server is installed and the Content Porter service running.

�         "Access denied by IIS to server xyz for user domain/username.", check whether the domain name has been populated in the field titled "Domain" rather than in the "User Name"

Components out of synch

�         "XML validation error: Reason: Element content is incomplete according to the DTD/Schema.  Expecting {uuid:EA8EFE6D-ABFF-4A51-B94F-4775B3FF953C} author_name.; Source: </Content>;", check component content matches schema definition in case new schema changes were applied such as a mandatory field and the component was not updated (saved) to reflect it

�         "Unable to find Metadata. Unable to save Component (tcm:0-0-0). Import of item xyz with its dependencies failed", make sure components have been re-saved after schema changes, including linked-to components

�         "Root element must be in namespace:", ensure the component exported has been re-saved to account for a change in the targetNamespace of the schema the component is based on.  The targetNamespace of the schema must match across the environments.  In this particular case, the component exported is matched against the schema in the import target environment and expected to be in the namespace of (meaning equal to) the schema in the import target environment.  Re-save and re-export the component, making sure the schema it is based on is ported/updated in the target environment if necessary.

Missed items for import/export

�         One of the most commonly encountered scenarios is missing items for import/export.  This may cause dependencies to be created in wrong publications and therefore blueprint level, leading to other blueprinting conflicts on subsequent ports when items are selected and ported from the correct (parent) publications

Blueprint conflicts

�         "Name must be unique for items of type:organizational item within this Publication and its BluePrint context.  Source or sources of conflict: tcm:49-123-512, tcm:254-123-512, tcm:153-123-512", verify each item reported as a source of conflict and note whether it has been created in a lower level publication.  If this is the case, take care to un-publish the item, then remove its dependencies and itself, then port it again from the correct publication

�         "This key is already associated with an element of this collection", check for circular references and import the items with least dependencies first

�         Incorrect WebDav paths for items being updated � since Content Porter uses WebDav urls to identify items being ported, if items are renamed or relocated in one environment but not the other, they may be ported in as new since the software will be unable to discover the same items.  This may result in duplicates or future blueprint conflicts

Log file not downloaded

�         "Log file download failed: Internal server error occurred. See server's event log for more details. Process finished with error.", when using a load-balancing URL for import/export, the Content Porter server log file may fail to download to the client machine if session affinity (also known as sticky sessions), is not available between multiple servers. Use a single server URL or otherwise enable session affinity.

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