Namespace Changes for SDL Tridion 2013 CMS Items

This document describes a process to update Content Manager items which have had namespace changes applied.

In Tridion 2011 and 2013 making namespace changes to schemas for which content already exists may result in fields and metadata fields retaining the original namespace, and you may be unable to save components from the Content Manager Explorer.

Manual Solution

One way to solve this is to manually update the namespaces for these fields in the xml of all components based on the schema in question then Save and Close.  Doing so will allow the system to re-synchronize the content based on the current schema and appropriately assign all namespace changes.
However, in large scale environments, the above solution could take a rather lengthy amount of time, depending on how much content is affected by the schema changes.

Automated Solution

A second way of addressing the content is programatically, by ways of updating namespaces via running a script. The script ChangeNamespaceOnComponents will automatically update components based on a given schema for SDL Tridion 2013 Content Manager. In addition it will also handle organizational items with metadata schemas attached, for example, folders, structure groups, pages, keywords and more.


Carefully review the readme_2013.txt file available with the tool and always ensure there is a backup copy of the database the updates will be performed on.


The project source is available on Google Code.

About the Author
Elena Serghie
Senior Technical Consultant

Elena Serghie is a Senior Technical Consultant within SDL's Web Content Management Solutions Division (based in New York) and has worked with the company's Professional Services organization since October 2007. You can follow Elena on Twitter.

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