SDL Tridion Connector for Outlook

The connector retrieves Workflow tasks and activities assigned to the user in SDL Tridion Content Manager, creates Outlook tasks for them and shows them in the Outlook Tasks navigation area:Connector overview


You can install the connector on client machines that have Microsoft Office Outlook 2010 installed. The connector is compatible with  Content Manager of SDL Tridion 2013. Install, configure and set up SDL Tridion Connector for Outlook as follows:

  1. Download SDL Tridion Connector for (below) and unzip the package.

  2. Close Microsoft Office Outlook.

  3. Run Install SDL Tridion Connector for Outlook.msi.

  4. Follow the installer instructions to install SDL Tridion Connector for Outlook. (Important: Do not install the connector in the root folder of your file system.

  5. Navigate to the installation folder, by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Tridion\SDL Tridion Connector for Outlook, and open Tridion.Extensions.Outlook.TridionConnector2013.dll.config in a text editor. The file contains all the configuration information for the connector.

  6. Search through the file for the string address="http//localhost:81/

  7. Replace localhost:81 with the machine name of your Content Manager Server, for example:

  8. In the log4net section, specify logging options. By default, the connector generates a log file named TridionLog.txt in C:\Temp\ directory.

  9. Save and close Tridion.Extensions.Outlook.TridionConnector2013.dll.config.

  10. Open Outlook: when you launch Outlook, it will load its add-ons, begin initialization and connect to the exchange server.

  11. When you run Outlook the first time after installing the connector, the connector will wait until it detects Outlook has become idle and then display a Welcome screen.

  12. Click Continue and follow the instructions to set up the connector.
    When you have installed and configured the SDL Tridion Connector for Outlook, the SDL Tridion tab appears in Outlook and you can login to the Content Manager to retrieve activities:SDL Tridion tab in Outlook

  13. For more information and installing, configuring, and using the connector, refer to the SDL Tridion Connector for Outlook.pdf included in the download package.

:    Paul Adams
License agreement
:    MIT License
:    2013
:   1.0
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Paul Adams
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Paul has been with SDL for 8 years (previously Alterian) specializing in delivery frameworks, clients and integrations with 3rd party products such as Microsoft Outlook & Word for wysiwyg editing of content.

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