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The Facebook eXtensions pack delivers a set of Facebook Social Plugins for use in SDL Tridion Modular Templating, allowing for an easy and quick integration to Facebook. The Facebook Social plugins let you see what your friends have liked, commented on or shared on sites across the web. More information regarding the Facebook Social Plugins can be found on http://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/

The Facebook eXtensions Social Plugins pack currently consists of:

Like Button

The Like button lets a user share your content with friends on Facebook. When the user clicks the Like button on your site, a story appears in the user's friends' News Feed with a link back to your website. Below is a working example of the Like Button as generated by the Template Building Block.

Clicking the Like button on this Page will let you like SDL Tridion World and allow you to share the link with your friends. The Like Button is configured using a Parameters Schema on the Template Building Block, here you can specify the layout of the button, the URL of the Page to like will be automatically generated using Javascript.

Facebook Like button Parameters

Open Graph tags

Open Graph tags are <meta> tags that you add to the <head> of your website to describe the entity your page represents, whether it is a band, restaurant, blog, or something else. Including Open Graph tags on your Web page, makes your page equivalent to a Facebook Page. This means when a user clicks a Like button on your page, a connection is made between your page and the user. Your page will appear in the "Likes and Interests" section of the user's profile, and you have the ability to publish updates to the user. Your page will show up in same places that Facebook pages show up around the site (e.g. search), and you can target ads to people who like your content. The structured data you provide via the Open Graph Protocol defines how your page will be represented on Facebook. 

Activity Feed

The Activity Feed plugin displays the most interesting recent activity taking place on your site. Since the content is hosted by Facebook, the plugin can display personalized content whether or not the user has logged into your site. The activity feed displays stories when users like content on your site or when they share content from your site in Facebook. If a user is logged into Facebook, the plugin will be personalized to highlight content from their friends. If the user is logged out, the activity feed will show recommendations from across your site, and give the user the option to log in to Facebook.

These eXtensions are written on SDL Tridion 2011 but will also be working on versions R5.3 and 2009 since they are based on the Modular Templating platform. For this the sources will have to be recompiled against the specific CMS. Detailed installation instructons are included as well as full source code for the eXtensions.

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