Hotfix Manager


The HotfixManager is installed as web application under the �web� directory of your SDL Tridion 2011 Installation. In the download package there is a �HotfixManager� folder which contains all the files needed to create the web application. After copying the �HotfixManager� folder to your �web� directory you have to convert this folder to an application in IIS.

Screenshot - Convert to Application

Afterwards you have to add a custompage in the Tridion CME and link it to the �HotfixManager.aspx� file in the installed folder.

Screenshot - New Custom Page


The only value to configure is the folder in which the hotfixes and the hotfix list file are stored. This path has to be a relative path from the web application root folder. Initially the configuration looks as follows:

    <addkey="folder_hotfixes" value="~\hotfixes"/>


Steps to upload a hotfix:

Fill in the hotfix ID and select the hotfix you want to upload.

Screenshot - Step 1

Click �Save� and the hotfix gets uploaded and appears in the list below.

Screenshot - Step 2

Hotfix Manager 1.0 is tested with SDL Tridion 2009 and SDL Tridion 2011

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