List Quick Helper eXtension

If you�ve worked with the Content Manager Explorer you�re familiar with having to open an item to view its properties, say to tell the schema of a component you have to open the component�s editing form or to know the file name of page, again need to open the edit form. Even on a fast system it takes at least a few seconds to load up the form. For a shared item you need to select one of the options in the modal dialog (open parent, localize or read-only). After several clicks and at least a few seconds (if not more) you finally can find that little piece of information you were seeking.

What if that information was exposed in the list view immediately? Well, now it can be:   

Helper Full View 

The helper loads up in the bottom-right corner of the list view and displays that useful information about most of the commonly used Tridion items. Items such as pages, components, folders, structure-groups, and more. 

Helper Views

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:    Yoav Niran
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:    AJAX,  CMS,  extensions,  GUI,  javascript,  jquery,  productivity
:   0.9
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About the Author
Yoav Niran
Senior Technical Consultant

Yoav joined Tridion in 2006 and is working in the Professional Services Maidenhead office as a senior technical consultant. 

He has been involved in numerous implementations, integrations and development of packaged services.

Yoav has much experience in .NET technologies and ASP.NET web development in particular.

He has also been the technical lead on the reconstruction of the SDL Tridion World website.

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