Tridion Content Relations Visualizer

Warning: This eXtension is not yet on a stable release

This extension allows you to browse Tridion Content by visually mapping the existing links between Tridion items. There's no easy way to explain what it does, so take the time to watch the video below...

The principles behind it are very simple:

  1. Graphics Library (Protovis)

  2. One JSONP data provider (included /pvcr/GetData.aspx)

  3. One sample implementation of a client application consuming the data, and using Protovis to render it (included /pvcr/protovis/ContentRelations.htm)

Some performance issues have been found currently when dealing with very large data sets, and therefore it is currently capped at 250 items to be displayed.

Installing this extension

  • Download the zip file included here.

  • On your Tridion server, unzip the contents of this under the [Tridion]\web folder

  • Create a [Tridion]\web\bin folder (if it doesn't exist yet) and copy Tridion.ContentManager.Interop.cm_tom.dll and Tridion.ContentManager.Interop.cm_defines.dll from [Tridion]\bin\client\PIA into this new /bin folder

  • Edit [Tridion]\web\pvcr\protovis\ContentRelations.htm and change the following:

    • On line 29, change the SERVER_NAME variable to match your Tridion server name

    • One line 30, change the START_ITEM variable to a TCM URI that is valid on your server, we recommend using a home page

    • Save and close this file

This is it, now load http://<YourServerName>/pvcr/protovis/ContentRelations.htm and start having fun.

Important Note: Supported Browsers

The protovis graphics library uses SVG and HTML 5 to render the graphics. This means that there is no support for IE, and you will receive an error if you try to view it using Internet Explorer. We recommend using Google Chrome for best performance.

Supported Tridion Versions:

This extension has been tested on Tridion 2011 and Tridion 2009. It might work on Tridion 5.3, but this has not been tested.

Brief FAQ:

How do I control it?

Relatively simple instructions:

  1. Use a scroll wheel to zoom in

  2. Click on an item to pre-load its relationships. A number will appear showing the total number of nodes (including the one you clicked on) that will be added to the graphic

  3. Click on the item again to load the new items to the graphic

  4. Drag an item to move it around

  5. Double-click an item to reload the current page using this item as the center piece

  6. Have fun

What's next?

The reason why this extension is being released in an early state is so that the community can start playing with it early, and build upon the examples we deliver here. The information and insight your editors may gain from this tool might very well be priceless.

Only Content and Pages are shown

Yes, the default settings only display components and page items. You can modify this behavior by changing lines 187 and 203 of the ContentRelations.htm file, and modifying the "excludetypes" parameter to fit your needs.

My content disappears after I load an item

Yes, as we said earlier, there are issues with large datasets. Hopefully these can be fixed.


We appreciate all possible feedback regarding this eXtension, and have therefore created the following thread in the Forum to keep track of it:

:    Nuno Linhares
License agreement
:    protovis, data visualization, network, content, relations
:   1.0
:   Yes