Generic SDL Tridion 2011 Template Building Blocks

These generic Template Building Blocks will give a quickstart to your SDL Tridion 2011 templating implementation.

The download package contains a set of useful template building blocks:

  1. Get Design Elements - Publish all your design elements (css, js, images), in the same structure as you upload them, and without having to worry about their inter-dependencies. The problems this TBB addresses are discussed in detail in this article
  2. Force Unique Binary Filenames - if two editors upload an image with the same filename, the default TBBs will cause a publishing error. This TBB ensures images have unique names when published.
  3. Get Linked Components - This TBB pushes components linked from the context component into the package so you can access their content and metadata in templates (for example to output an image alt text, or heading field from a linked component)
  4. Get Breadcrumb Trail - Generate an HTML breadcrumb trail for the published page.
  5. Group Components By Template Type - Group templates by template type so they can be iterated with different repeaters in your DWTs (useful for Homepage layouts etc.)
  6. Get System Components - Add all components in a designated folder to the package (for example config and labels system components) so they can be accessed by your DWTs.

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