GoogleDocs eXtension

GoogleDocs is an extension for SDL Tridion 2011 CME that allows viewng contents of multimedia components using GoogleDocs, thus without a requirement of having Microsoft Office (doc, xls, ppt files), images (gif, jpeg) or Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf files) installed on the client PC.

GoogleDocs extension adds a button to the ribbon toolbar and to the context menu next to the Open button.


GoogleDocs extension uploads the binary contents of a multimedia component to the GoogleDocs server, and shares it with a secret key (only people who know the secret key will be able to view the uploaded file). In principal, it is not required to have a google account to see the document, however due to a google docs defect, sometimes the user is prompted to login. To workaround this problem GoogleDocs extension shows an intermediate dialog that allows the user to try to open the uploaded document again, if the first attempt is unsuccessful.



GoogleDocs works with standard MIME types. For example, to be able to open Excel files with GoogleDocs the MIME type for XLS extension should be changed to �application/�.

GoogleDocs extension depends on SergueiM.OAuth.dll.

After installing the extension modify the customconfiguration/sessions node in googledocs.config file to match the location of the extension on the hard drive.

By default every user is prompted to login to google docs with their credentials to be able to use the extension. It is possible to use a shared account for that:

  1. Use the extension to open a multimedia component � when the user does it for the first time they will be prompted for a user name/password. Login, and view the file.

  2. Browse on the CME server to the location where this GoogleDocs extension is installed. Rename the created user-specific file in Session folder to "GoogleDocsConfiguredUser"

Make sure client browser can access both CME and external sites. If necessary modify the proxy settings in the web.config file.

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