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Welcome to the eXtension Community for experts that gives them a stage to share their building blocks. Other SDL Tridion powerusers will benefit from the contributions to the community and it will make their Web sites even more interesting.

Share your great work

The eXtension Community gives you, as an expert, the stage to display your great work such as reusable tools, Modular Templates, scripts and more. Your contributions will be very valuable for others who will use your work with much gratitude, because it saves time and the Web sites for which the building blocks are used will be even more interesting. Above all the marketing communications department will be grateful for the new online capabilities with the newest technologies and innovations in, for example, social marketing and Web analytics. 

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Shared community eXtensions

Search module for SDL Tridion Reference Implementation v1.0.1

Search module for the SDL Tridion Reference Implementation v1.0.1, adding search capabilities to your website.

Instagram Widget For SDL Tridion Reference Implementation

This extension adds an Instagram picture gallery for SDL Tridion Reference Implementation

SDL Tridion Reference Implementation

The SDL Tridion Reference Implementation is a reference implementation of SDL Tridion 2013 SP1 intended to help you create, design and publish an SDL Tridion-based Web site quickly.

Child Publications Only Resolver

This eXtension contains a custom resolver which removes the items Published from a parent Publication, in case you used that as a structure only to Publish all its children.

Empty Publish Transactions Event Handler

This eXtension contains an event handler which is triggered when an empty Publish Transaction is set to Success, changing the state to Warning, indicating that nothing had been done.

Paste Special Cross Browser Extension

This Extension replaces the existing Paste Special functionality with a cross browser compatible solution for allowing users to paste from word or paste as text.

Wufoo ECL provider

Example ECL Provider making Wufoo forms available directly inside SDL Tridion.

Visual Studio Razor Extension

This extension makes it possible to work with SDL Tridion content in Microsoft Visual Studio, like editing Razor code for Razor Mediator TBBs, synchronizing .cshtml files with SDL Tridion and create SDL Tridion Component Templates and Page Templates from Visual Studio automatically.

2013 View in Staging and Live UI eXtension

This eXtension allows you to view any Page in the CMS on the Staging and Live websites without having to know the exact URL.

ECL Event Handler

This eXtension contains an event handler which is triggered on the creation of ECL stub Components and can copy ECL external metadtata to the metadata of the ECL Component so it can be published to the Broker for example.

YouTube ECL provider

An implementation of an External Content Library provider for Youtube.

SDL Tridion Connector for Outlook

The SDL Tridion Connector for Outlook adds an SDL Tridion tab to Microsoft Office Outlook so that users can manage their Workflow tasks and activities from Outlook.

ECL Import UI eXtension

This eXtension lets you import External Content Library items so they become available as a Multimedia Component.

ECL Template Building Block

This eXtension provides a useful Template Building Block for templates using ECL items.

Flickr ECL provider

This eXtension demonstrates how External Content Libraries work in SDL Tridion 2013 using a connection to Flickr.

CodeMirror Syntax Highlighting Extension

Add syntax highlighting to the source tab of a Template Building Block View in SDL Tridion 2011 and 2013

Item Selector Custom URL eXtension

This eXtension is a SDL Tridion 2011 Custom URL, which allows you to select an item URI from a SDL Tridion tree view. It uses the 2011 Core Service to access the Content Manager Server.

Example UI eXtension

This eXtension demonstrates how the SDL Tridion dashboard can be extended in both the CME and Experience Manager.

Netbiscuits XHTML to BBcode conversion

This "Dreamweaver Function Source" converts SDL Tridion XHTML (from a Rich Text Field) into BBcode understood by Netbiscuits.

Tridion driver for LINQPad

A driver that allows making Core Service connections to Tridion Content Manager from within LINQPad.

Razor Mediator

The Razor Mediator allows you to use the power and flexibility of Razor Templating within your compound templates.

Binary Event Tracker

The Binary Event Tracker ensures that Multimedia Components in Tridion show the correct publish state, no matter if they've been published explicitly or implicitly or whether they've been removed.

Process Download Links In Output

This TBB creates a Binary link for each link created in a Rich Text Field which points to a downloadable multimedia component. It represents an easy way to enable download links on a website published from SDL Tridion.

Hotfix Manager

The HotfixManager is a simple tool which allows you to quickly manage the hotfixes you have installed on a system and is implemented as a custompage. It is a tool to have all installed hotfixes in one place and have an overview of them. You are able to upload an installed hotfix and all uploaded hotfixes are shown in a list. All uploaded hotfixes are downloadable again from the list.

AppData companion

One of the new features in Tridion 2011 that has not gotten much public attention is the so-called application data (AppData for friends). This extension allows you to quickly inspect and manipulate the AppData on a Tridion 2011 system.

WorkFlow Companion

WorkFlow Companion allows you to review and approve workflow activities from your iPad. This extension contains the server-side ASP.NET code that the iPad app connects to. The iPad app itself is available from the Apple iTunes App Store.

Outbound Email Templating eXtension

This eXtension contains TBBs and Function Source functions to accelerate the development of templates for sending mailings with Outbound Email.

Google Analytics integration

This eXtension adds a Google Analytics integration so that you can access the Google Analytics data for a specified site or selected page directly from inside your CMS.

Tridion Content Relations Visualizer

An exploratory way to visualize Tridion Data using a force-based graphic

Content Delivery Network Integration

This gives example code for a content delivery storage extension to hook in a CDN notification when pages, binaries and component presentations are published.

XSLT Mediator

The XSLT Mediator enables Compound Templates to leverage the power of XSLT Templates as part of the Modular Templating model of SDL Tridion.

GoogleDocs eXtension

GoogleDocs is an extension for SDL Tridion 2011 CME that allows viewng contents of multimedia components using GoogleDocs, thus without a requirement of having Microsoft Office (doc, xls, ppt files), images (gif, jpeg) or Adobe Acrobat Reader (pdf files) installed on the client PC.

LinkedIn eXtension

LinkedIn is an extension for SDL Tridion 2011 CME that connects to the LinkedIn service. The goal of the extension is to display notifications from the user's LinkedIn network and to allow the user to post updates.

Twitter eXtension

Twitter is an extension for SDL Tridion 2011 CME that connects to the Twitter service. The goal of the extension is to display notifications from the user's Twitter network and to allow the user to post updates.

OAuth CME eXtension (helper library)

OAuth is a helper library used for building extensions for the SDL Tridion 2011 CME that interact with 'the cloud' - any service that supports OAuth protocol.

Parent Change Notifier eXtension

The goal of the extension is to indicate localized items in the list whose parent item has changed recently (after the last change of the localized item itself).

Template Building Block Type Indicator eXtension

This extension replaces the standard icon for Template Building Blocks with icons that reflect the type of the Template Building Blocks like in Template Builder.

Quova Ambient Data Framework eXtension

This extension delivers a Ambient Data Framework cartridge. The cartridge contains Claim Processors that gather geolocation and weather information based on teh IP address of the requestor.

CWA Tag Library

The �CWA Tag Library� consists out of a number of Java custom tags which can be used in CWA 1.5.x implementations. The CWA Tag Library complements the CD Tag Library delivered with Tridion out-of-the-box.

Facebook Social Plugins

This extension delivers a set of Facebook Social Plugins for use in SDL Tridion Modular Templating. Allowing for an easy and quick integration to Facebook.

Generic SDL Tridion 2011 Template Building Blocks

This set of generic template building blocks will accelerate your implementation of basic templating features including managing the design (CSS/JS/Images), generating breadcrumbs and grouping components by type

SiteEdit 2009 Essentials Template Building Blocks

This set of generic template building blocks will accelerate your implementation of SiteEdit 2009 features including creating and editing dynamic component presentations, manipulating the publication in which pages and components are edited, and making embedded components editable with SiteEdit.

Dreamweaver Get eXtension (DGX)

This "Dreamweaver Function Source" compensates for the perceived limitations of the �out-of-the-box� Dreamweaver Mediator.

SiteEdit 2009 SP3 prepare BluePrinting parameters TBB

You might have noticed the last three template parameters on the Enable SiteEdit 2009 TBB provided with SiteEdit 2009, which are related to BluePrinting. These parameters are interesting but being set at the template level, their value is fixed for all pages using a given Page Template. This TBB allows you to set these values for the current page being published.

Publish from Publishing Queue eXtension

This eXtension adds a Publish and UnPublish option to the Publish Queue context menu, allowing you to quickly republish failed or unpublish succesful items.

Releasemanager eXtension

This eXtension builds a Content Porter export- and import file based on the items you marked as being part of the release.

Item XML Display eXtension

The extension by adding new context menu and Ribbon toolbar buttons makes it is extremely easy to inspect and copy out the XML content of any item in SDL Tridion. The extension makes the XML viewable from within the GUI replacing the need for a custom page or a remote connection to the CM server.

List Quick Helper eXtension

The main idea behind this extension is to create a useful tool to supplement the information exposed by the GUI�s list view. The theme of this extension is to boost productivity by exposing data quickly and providing small tools to get common tasks done faster.

Legacy Event Adapter

This extension can be used to emulate those legacy events in the kernel in order to get back to a fully functional legacy event system.

Upload Assembly 2.0 Add-In for Visual Studio

A new version of the Upload Assemblies Add-in for visual studio is now available. It lets you upload the dlls from your visual studio projects in a custom way, Also you can choose which dlls to upload them to several targets

Performance Counter eXtension

This eXtension is a showcase of the SDL Tridion 2011 .NET event system, adding Microsoft Windows Performance Counters on Content Manager actions, for example Save and Publish.

Rapid Editorial Interface eXtension

This eXtension is a SDL Tridion 2011 .NET event system, which creates a Page for every new Component created and Publishes that Page.

Web Analytics Enabler - Coremetrics (production ready)

The Web Analytics Enabler for Coremetrics allows you to easily drag & drop the Coremetrics code directly into your SDL Tridion templates. Also includes code to use the package in production environment.

Web Analytics Enabler - Google

The Web Analytics Enabler for Google Analytics allows you to easily drag & drop the Google Analytics code directly into your SDL Tridion templates.

Web Analytics Enabler - comScore

The Web Analytics Enabler for Sitestat (comScore, previously Nedstat) allows you to easily drag and drop the Sitestat code directly into your SDL Tridion templates.

Web Analytics Enabler - Omniture

The Web Analytics Enbler for SiteCatalyst (Omniture) allows you to easily drag & drop the SiteCatalyst code directly into your SDL Tridion templates.

Web Analytics Enabler - Unica

The Web Analytics Enabler for NetInsight (Unica) allows you to easily drag & drop the NetInsight code directly into your SDL Tridion templates.

Web Analytics Enabler- WebTrends

The Web Analytics Enabler for Marketing Lab 2 (WebTrends) allows you to easily drag & drop the Marketing Lab 2 code directly into your SDL Tridion templates.

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