LinkedIn eXtension

LinkedIn is an extension for SDL Tridion 2011 CME that connects to the LinkedIn service. The goal of the extension is to display notifications from the user's LinkedIn network and to allow the user to post updates.

LinkedIn extension adds two buttons to the ribbon toolbar in the "Community" tab.


Notifications button will start/stop listening to LinkedIn notifications. It will first show 10 last updates in the message center and then will be checking for more updates every 5 minutes (note, that LinkedIn allows maximum 300 requests to the server per user a day).

Share button will prompt the user for an update to be posted on the user�s profile.

If necessary (during the first run for the user) the extension will prompt the user for authorization:


LinkedIn extension depends on SergueiM.OAuth.dll.

After installation of the extension modify the customconfiguration/sessions node in linkedin.config to match the location of the extension on the hard drive.

LinkedIn extension is using a precreated LinkedIn application � SDL Tridion 2011CTP �. You can create your own application  (see When you register an application with linkedIn, you receive two keys. Specify those keys in linkedin.config:


      <oauth xmlns="">






Make sure client browser can access both CME and external sites. If necessary modify the proxy settings in the web.config file.

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