OAuth CME eXtension (helper library)

OAuth is a helper library used for building extensions for the SDL Tridion 2011 CME that interact with 'the cloud' - any service that supports OAuth protocol. Examples of services include Twitter, LinkedIn, Google.

To use OAuth library a Tridion.Web.UI editor must have the following custom configuration:


      <oauth xmlns="">

            <sessions>path where temporary files will be stored</sessions>

            <key>key provided by the service provider</key>

            <secretKey>key provided by the service provider</secretKey>

            <requesttokenurl>Request token url</requesttokenurl>

            <authorizeurl>Authorize url</authorizeurl>

            <accesstokenurl>Access token url</accesstokenurl>



All URL�s are specific for the service provider. The keys are generated by the service provider when registering an application with that provider.

AOuth is dependent on the proxy settings to access external web services. Configure proxy if necessary in the web.config of the extension.


       <defaultProxy enabled="true" useDefaultCredentials="true">

              <proxy autoDetect="True" scriptLocation="http://your.proxy.com/proxy.pac"/>



OAuth implements SergueiM.OAuth.Api class to simplify calls to the service provider � with Get and Post methods.

OAuth also implements an http module that provides an authentication procedure, where the user can add their credentials at the server provider. This http module should be configured in web.config of the extension.


copy SergueiM.OAuth.dll to the WebRoot/bin folder.

License agreement
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:   1.0
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