Outbound Email Templating eXtension

This eXtension contains TBBs and Function Source functions to help when creating templates for the email channel. The challenges which this eXtension helps to overcome are

  1. How to display RTF field content (which will contain HTML markup) in a Text version

  2. How to ensure images are published

  3. How to ensure links and images in RTF content have absolute urls

  4. How to ensure links in RTF content are tracked 

It is recommended to read the article on this website which discusses these in full.

:    Will Price
:    Outbound Email,  Rich Text Field,  Text Version
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About the Author
Will Price
Principal Consultant

Will is a seasoned web application consultant having worked on web projects for clients all over the world for the last 14 years. He has a deep technical and functional understanding of SDL Tridion solutions from his 6+ years working at SDL as a Principal Consultant in Amsterdam. Since 2012 he has been working freelance and continues to be involved in SDL Tridion projects.

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