Performance Counter eXtension

This eXtension is a showcase of the SDL Tridion 2011 .NET event system, adding Microsoft Windows Performance Counters on Content Manager actions, for example Save and Publish. The event system is used to measure the duration of Save and Publish actions. This information is recorded by perfmon and can also be analyzed through it.

Performance Counters screenshot


The Performance Counter eXtension comes with full source as a Microsoft Visual Studio solution which you can directly compile into an assembly (you can use the free Microsoft Visual Studio Express edition). To install the event system you need to place the assembly on the SDL Tridion Content Manager server and register it as described in the following steps.

  1. Start with shutting down the following services on your Content Manager server:

    • IIS
    • Any SDL Tridion-related COM+ services
    • The Publisher service of SDL Tridion (since the code of this event system is also related to publishing)

  2. Compile the solution to a .NET assembly and store on your Content Manager server

  3. Open the configuration file called Tridion.ContentManager.config, located in the config/ subfolder of the Content Manager root location (typically C:\Program Files\Tridion\), in a plain-text or XML editor. Find the extensions element in this file. If the element is empty (that is, if it reads <extensions/>), replace it with <extensions></extensions>. Then add a line of the following format:

    <add assemblyFileName="C:\path\to\PerformanceCounters.dll" />

    If the element was empty, the fragment should now read:

      <add assemblyFileName="C:\path\to\PerformanceCounters.dll" />

  4. Save and close Tridion.ContentManager.config

  5. Restart the services you stopped

You can now use your Content Manager as you normally do. When saving a Page or Component or when Publishing, for example, a Page, the duration of these actions are recorded by the performance counters. You can start perfmon and add the counters under the category �SDL Tridion� which should now be available (they become available after the first load the of event system).

Please note: The overhead of using this event system will have an impact on the overall performance of your Content Manager server and is therefore not intended as a monitoring tool on a production environment. The eXtension is merely created as a showcase.
Additionally this eXtension requires Administrator Privileges for the SDL Tridion user on the CMS server, read more about it on MSDN (

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