Publish from Publishing Queue eXtension

A much asked feature on our system is a (re)publish from the Publishing Queue, because it is there when you see an item is failed and after fixing the problem you would be able to quickly republish the item. Currently you can open the item from the Publishing Queue or go to its location, but this extension adds a Publish and UnPublish option to the items context menu allowing you to easily (re)publish or unpublish the item.

publish queue


This eXtension comes with full source as a Microsoft Visual Studio solution which you can directly compile and deploy (you can use the free Microsoft Visual Studio Express edition). The package also contains a pre build extension which you can install using the following instructions:

  1. Copy the files under Extension\PublishFromPublishingQueue to a directory on your SDL Tridion CMS server, this will be your extension location

  2. Set up the extension location as a virtual directory in IIS 
     a)  In the IIS console, browse to the SDL Tridion 2013 website
     b)  Under the WebUI\Editors directory add a new Virtual Directory, pointing to your extension location on disk

    iis console 

  3. Configure extension in the GUI. To do this, find the system.config file under <Tridion_home>\web\WebUI\WebRoot\Configuration
     a)  Make a backup of the file first so you can always revert to the way it was with no extensions configured
     b)  Locate the <editors> element and add a new editor like so:

 <editor name="PublishFromPublishingQueue"> 

 The editor element has 3 important elements:
 I)  installpath The exact location of where you copied the extension
 II)  configuration the relative location of the extension configuration file
 III)  vdir The name of the virtual directory as its set up in IIS

Thats it, after a refresh of your browser you will find a publishing context menu on your publish queue items.

For 2011 compatibility, change the ..\Themes\Carbon\Publishing.css file and use the commented out values for background-image and background-position.


v1.1 - updated by Sebastien Prat to enable multiple selections from the publishing queue.
v1.2 - updated by Bart Koopman to run on 2013 (icon locations changed).
v1.3 - Updated by Sebastien Prat to fix issues on 2011 SP1 HR1 & HR2.

:    Bart Koopman
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:   1.3
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About the Author
Bart Koopman
Community Development Consultant

As a Community Development Consultant, Bart is the evangelist of all SDL Tridion products. Bart used to be a consultant and trainer at SDL Tridion, supporting both partners and customers with their implementations.

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About the Author
Sebastien PRAT
Web Technical Architect

I'm a freelance consultant for Rhodia since 2007. I'm responsible of the Web platform architecture (infrastructure + softwares/tools) and the integration with the corporate Information System.

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