Rapid Editorial Interface eXtension

The Rapid Editorial Interface (REI) eXtension is a SDL Tridion 2011 .NET event system, which creates a Page for every new Component created and publishes that Page to a configured (staging) Target. It will also update an index Page adding the newly created Component on that and re-publishing it (also to the configured staging Target).
The Templates used for Page and Component Presentations are configurable through a metadata Schema on the Folder in which the Component is created. This is also how you can enable this functionality per Folder of your Content Management System. 


REI Folder Configuration Metadata SchemaThe REI eXtension is configured by Folder metadata, for this you need to create a Metadata Schema defining the following properties:

  • Schema on which Components should be based to trigger the action
  • Structure Group in which the Page should be created
  • Page Template to be used on the Page
  • Component Template to be used on the Page
  • The index Page
  • Component Template to be used on the index Page
  • Target Type where the Pages should be published to

The (xsd) definition of the Metadata Schema is provided in the download, with this you can created the Schema by pasting it in the source tab of a newly created Metadata Schema.

The Schema fields are defined as text fields so they can contain the URI of the item, so simplify adding this information you can add a Custom URL link to the Schema field which points to an Item Selector. For this you can use the Item Selector Custom URL eXtension which you can find under the 2011 eXtensions.


The Rapid Editorial Interface event system works as follows when you create a Component in a Folder that contains the REI Folder Configuration Metadata Schema. The event is triggered, when the Component is saved and checked in.

  1. If the Component is based on the configured Schema the event will execute its actions
  2. Create a Page (using the configured Page Template) in the configured Structure Group
  3. Add the Component (using the configured Component Template) to the created Page
  4. Add the Component to the configured index Page (using the configured index Component Template)
  5. Publish both Pages to the configured Target

If the Component isn't newly created and it's already used on a Page, steps 2, 3 and 4 will be skipped and the Component will be published (re-publishing all Pages it is used on).


The REI eXtension comes with full source as a Microsoft Visual Studio solution which you can directly compile into an assembly (you can use the free Microsoft Visual Studio Express edition). To install the event system you need to place the assembly on the SDL Tridion Content Manager server and register it as described in the following steps.

  1. Start with shutting down the following services on your Content Manager server:

    • IIS
    • Any SDL Tridion-related COM+ services

  2. Compile the solution to a .NET assembly and store on your Content Manager server

  3. Open the configuration file called Tridion.ContentManager.config, located in the config/ subfolder of the Content Manager root location (typically C:\Program Files\Tridion\), in a plain-text or XML editor. Find the extensions element in this file. If the element is empty (that is, if it reads <extensions/>), replace it with <extensions></extensions>. Then add a line of the following format:

    <add assemblyFileName="C:\path\to\RapidEditorialInterface.dll" />

    If the element was empty, the fragment should now read:

      <add assemblyFileName="C:\path\to\RapidEditorialInterface.dll" />

  4. Save and close Tridion.ContentManager.config

  5. Restart the services you stopped

You can now use your Content Manager as you normally do.

To Configure a Folder to execute the event system when you create a Component in it, you need to add the REI Folder Configuration Metadata Schema to it and fill in its properties with the desired values. After that, when creating/saving a Component (using the configured Schema) in this Folder, a Page will be created and the configured index Page will be updated and both will be published to the configured Target.

REI Folder Configuration

Please note: This event system is intended for an Editorial model where the Editor has the ability to create Pages himself and is allowed to publish them. The event system will run under the Authorization of the user creating the Component and thus the user will need sufficient rights for the event system to perform these actions.

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