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WorkFlow Companion allows you to review and approve workflow activities from your iPad. This extension contains the server-side ASP.NET code that the iPad app connects to. The iPad app itself is available from the Apple iTunes App Store (

Installing the WorkFlow Companion website

Download and install the website contained in this ZIP file, just like any other ASP.NET website that you�d create. The Companion site has been developed and tested on Windows 2008 R2 x64, running SDL Tridion 2011, IIS 7.5 and .NET Framework 4.0.

Update the <system.serviceModel/client/endpoint> section of web.config to connect to your SDL Tridion 2011 Business Connector. If required, update the <> section to configure a proxy server.

See also the note below on network security.

Installing the WorkFlow Companion app

  • Download the app from Apple�s iTunes App Store;
  • Use iTunes to install the app on your iPad;
  • On your iPad, go to Settings > WorkFlow > Endpoint URL and type the URL of the website you�ve created. Here you can (optionally) also enter a default Tridion user account to save yourself some typing when logging on to Tridion.

Using the WorkFlow Companion app


If you know how the iOS Mail app works, then you know how to use the WorkFlow Companion: launch and log on, select work item and take action. Leave a note for the next assignee, just like you would in Content Manager Explorer, and you�re done.


What if I don't like the rendered preview?

The component template used for rendering the item preview is configured in web.config: <appSettings/DefaultComponentTemplateURI>. Feel free to change to a component template that you do like the looks of.

Important Note:
For �over-the-air� 3G content approval, the WorkFlow Companion website needs to be available over public networks a.k.a. the Internet. If your SDL Tridion 2011 Content Manager server resides on your internal network, then please work with your IT department to allow the Companion website to safely and securely traverse your firewall. The Companion website acts as a Microsoft WCF client to communicate with Business Connector.


See and other sources for more information on securing WCF and on configuring your firewall to enable secure point-to-point connections between the WorkFlow Companion website and Business Connector.

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