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Building forms in SDL Tridion without needing to know Java, XSLT or even XML, is that really possible I hear you say? This eXtension shows you it is using Wufoo, a services that provides the ability to create a form over a web application, removing the complexity out of the form building process. The Wufoo site claims that they reduce what used to take days (if not weeks) by trained professionals into something that could be done by anyone in minutes.

This 2013 SP1 External Content Library (ECL) provider is designed as an example to show how to make it possible and comes complete with all source code so you can see how it is all done. Feel free to take it apart completely or reuse as a basis for your own ECL provider. The source is available in the download package below and also on Google code as an open source project.

Wufoo Forms


This eXtension comes with full source as a Microsoft Visual Studio solution which you can directly compile and deploy (you can use the free Microsoft Visual Studio Express edition). The output path of the project is set to C:\ProgramData\SDL\SDL Tridion\External Content Library\AddInPipeline\AddIns\WufooProvider\ this will place the required files directly in the location where they are required (if build directly on a SDL Tridion CM server), else all that is required is to copy this directory to your CM server.

The next step is to configure the provider in the ExternalContentLibrary.xml file in the ..\Tridion\config directory. In there you add a new mountpoint where you specify the Stub Folder location (this is where the stub items are created, which link the external item with SDL Tridion), the Privileged User Name (this should be an SDL Tridion Administrator account) and the details of the Wufoo account which you want to expose. You will need a Wufoo API key and your Wufoo username, see http://help.wufoo.com/articles/en_US/SurveyMonkeyArticleType/Wufoo-REST-API-V3#Findingthekey for details. After changing the ExternalContentLibrary.xml file, you need to restart the SDL Tridion CM server and then your Wufoo ECL mountpoint will be available and you can start using its forms.

Wufoo Mountpoint

Background information

More information about ECL and how to create ECL providers can be found in the SDL Tridion documentation:

  1. Developing a Provider (ECL) (login required)
  2. External Content Library concepts and API (login required)
  3. ECL Template Building Block
  4. ECL Event Handler

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