About this Company

SDL CMT division, Amsterdam, NL, 

Telephone: + 31 (0)20 20 10 500
Web: http://www.sdl.com/products/tridion/
Address: Hoogoorddreef 60 1101 BE Amsterdam Z.O.

Since its establishment in 1999, SDL Content Management Technologies has focused on enabling customers to manage their content within a Web environment. SDL works in close partnership with its customers to develop solutions that fulfill real, practical business needs.

Our vision

SDL Tridion, the core product, provides complete Web content management and content delivery capabilities, focusing on ease-of-use for all content contributors, site managers and power users.

SDL Tridion's foundation and core strength is BluePrinting technology, which has proven its value for organizations that need:

  • Globalized Web sites
  • Brand management
  • Target audience marketing
  • Multi-channel marketing  
Strength in these areas enables organizations to use their Web sites as an integral part of their communication, marketing, sales and support strategy.

SDL continues to be committed to anticipating and meeting the needs of organizations that have a strategic Web presence. SDL continues to build expertise, a product and solution portfolio based on strategic research, a global vision and an even greater understanding of our customers' requirements.

SDL CMT division has its headquarters in Amsterdam, the Netherlands with offices in Brussels, London, Tokyo, Madrid, New York, Paris, San Francisco and Stockholm. 

SDL Content Management Technologies customers

SDL CMT has customer sites around the world, including: ABN Amro, Akzo Nobel, Alcatel, AXA, BBVA Bank, Bertelsmann, Carrefour, Centre Parcs, Canon, Deutsche Telekom, DNV, Dutch Tax Authorities, Emirates Airline, French Railways (SNCF), Honda Europe, ING Real Estate, KLM, Lexus, Orient Express, Rabobank, Ricoh, Scania, Suzuki, Toyota, Unilever, VisitBritain and Yamaha.