About the Author

Bart Koopman, Community Development Consultant,  SDL CMT division

Bart Koopman is a Community Development Consultant with SDL CMT and has worked for the company since 2003. In his current role at the Product Management department, he is the evangelist of all SDL Tridion products.

In the past, Bart worked as a trainer and consultant in the Professional Services department and before that he was a SDL Tridion Technical Support engineer. Currently he is responsible for the SDL Tridion World website and the SDL Tridion community.

Below you can see some of his contributions to the SDL Tridion community. In case of any questions you can drop him an email at: bkoopman [at] sdl.com

Some words about the Reference Implementation

So you heard about the SDL Tridion Reference Implementation (a.k.a. Digital Experience Accelerator), and now you want to know what it is all about. 

Community Power

The SDL Tridion community has grown over the past years and this is certainly noticable through the amount of bloggers which on a regular basis write articles about SDL Tridion.  

SiteEdit with positive z-indexes

When you have used SDL Tridion you will no doubt also have encountered SiteEdit and will have seen how useful it can be to easily maintain your web content. With Modular Templates the implementation of SiteEdit has been made really easy, but getting it to work for you properly within your own website design can sometimes be some more work.  

HowTo: Tackle Integrations in SDL Tridion 2011

SDL Tridion comes with a broad extension framework. This document explains how to utilize the standardized interfaces to integrate SDL Tridion with your IT ecosystem. Whilst SDL Tridion offers you standard features to enable your content and channel strategy to drive the business end of your interaction, there will always be a wish to leverage your existing software investments by means of back-end integrations. SDL Tridion caters for this need through its extension framework. On both the Content Management, as well as the Content Delivery side there are a wide range of extension points, which allow you to extend functionality without the need for customizations. 

SDL Tridion 2011 .NET events

SDL Tridion 2011 comes with a new implementation of the event system. The event system is now part of the extensibility features that support extending the Content Manager kernel, which means you can make your event system modular. 

Child Publications Only Resolver

This eXtension contains a custom resolver which removes the items Published from a parent Publication, in case you used that as a structure only to Publish all its children.

Empty Publish Transactions Event Handler

This eXtension contains an event handler which is triggered when an empty Publish Transaction is set to Success, changing the state to Warning, indicating that nothing had been done.

Wufoo ECL provider

Example ECL Provider making Wufoo forms available directly inside SDL Tridion.

2013 View in Staging and Live UI eXtension

This eXtension allows you to view any Page in the CMS on the Staging and Live websites without having to know the exact URL.

ECL Event Handler

This eXtension contains an event handler which is triggered on the creation of ECL stub Components and can copy ECL external metadtata to the metadata of the ECL Component so it can be published to the Broker for example.

ECL Import UI eXtension

This eXtension lets you import External Content Library items so they become available as a Multimedia Component.

ECL Template Building Block

This eXtension provides a useful Template Building Block for templates using ECL items.

Flickr ECL provider

This eXtension demonstrates how External Content Libraries work in SDL Tridion 2013 using a connection to Flickr.

Example UI eXtension

This eXtension demonstrates how the SDL Tridion dashboard can be extended in both the CME and Experience Manager.

Netbiscuits XHTML to BBcode conversion

This "Dreamweaver Function Source" converts SDL Tridion XHTML (from a Rich Text Field) into BBcode understood by Netbiscuits.

Google Analytics integration

This eXtension adds a Google Analytics integration so that you can access the Google Analytics data for a specified site or selected page directly from inside your CMS.

Quova Ambient Data Framework eXtension

This extension delivers a Ambient Data Framework cartridge. The cartridge contains Claim Processors that gather geolocation and weather information based on teh IP address of the requestor.

Facebook Social Plugins

This extension delivers a set of Facebook Social Plugins for use in SDL Tridion Modular Templating. Allowing for an easy and quick integration to Facebook.

Publish from Publishing Queue eXtension

This eXtension adds a Publish and UnPublish option to the Publish Queue context menu, allowing you to quickly republish failed or unpublish succesful items.

Performance Counter eXtension

This eXtension is a showcase of the SDL Tridion 2011 .NET event system, adding Microsoft Windows Performance Counters on Content Manager actions, for example Save and Publish.

Rapid Editorial Interface eXtension

This eXtension is a SDL Tridion 2011 .NET event system, which creates a Page for every new Component created and Publishes that Page.

Item Selector Custom URL eXtension

This eXtension is a SDL Tridion 2011 Custom URL, which allows you to select an item URI from a SDL Tridion tree view. It uses the 2011 Core Service to access the Content Manager Server.