About the Author

Dominic Cronin, Principal Consultant,  Indivirtual

Dominic first encountered Tridion early in 2001 (the current version was 4.1). He worked in Tridion R&D for several years and was on the core team during development of Tridion R5, (up to and including 5.1 SP4).
Since 2005 he has worked in the field, consulting on all aspects of the Tridion suite, as well as implementing customisations, designing infrastructure and providing advice on architecture and on web content management.

He currently works for SDL delivery partner, Indivirtual, as principal consultant.�

About SDL Tridion, Dominic says: "I've always believed in Tridion as a great WCM product. As a company, they have always been passionate about producing superb software, and it shows through in the products. What can I say? Eleven years on, and I'm still a fan."

Dominic received the SDL Tridion Most Valued Professional award in 2010, 2011 and 2012.
About the community, he says: "If you're committed to offering the highest quality advice and implementations to your customers, these days you need to be part of the community. Rather than everyone re-inventing the wheel, we learn from what others are doing, and of course, it's only natural to give back when you can."

Indivirtual: http://www.indivirtual.nl
Weblog: http://www.dominic.cronin.nl/weblog
Tridion practice: http://code.google.com/p/tridion-practice/
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/dominiccronin