About the Author

Frank van Puffelen, Technical Director,  ZyLAB

Frank joined SDL in 2004 and as a principal developer worked on many of the company's releases until the end of 2012. He is now the technical director of ZyLAB USA.

Reponsive design on SDL Tridion World

Responsive design is a technique to make your existing web site suitable for a broader range of devices by having it respond to the media it is displayed on. This article looks at how we made SDL Tridion World better looking on mobile devices by employing responsive design techniques. 

Analyzing the Tridion Object Cache

Tridion Content Delivery comes with an Object Cache module that keeps frequently requested information in memory to speed up access to your web site. In many cases this is all you need to know about the Object Cache: if you enable the Object Cache your web site becomes faster. But there are also situations where you'd like to know how your Object Cache is being used and whether assigning more memory to caching will improve performance even further. To do this you can use the Content Delivery logging mechanism to write out a separate log file with just the output from the Object Cache subsystem.  

ECL Import UI eXtension

This eXtension lets you import External Content Library items so they become available as a Multimedia Component.

Binary Event Tracker

The Binary Event Tracker ensures that Multimedia Components in Tridion show the correct publish state, no matter if they've been published explicitly or implicitly or whether they've been removed.

AppData companion

One of the new features in Tridion 2011 that has not gotten much public attention is the so-called application data (AppData for friends). This extension allows you to quickly inspect and manipulate the AppData on a Tridion 2011 system.

Google Maps

Integrate Google Maps with your SDL Tridion CMS by using the GeoCoding building block to easily create GoogleMaps content on your Web sites.

Publish To Flickr

This building block allows you to publish images stored in SDL Tridion, that are important for your brand consistency, directly to the Flickr photo sharing service.