About the Author

Julian Wraith, Principal Consultant,  SDL CMT division

Julian Wraith is a Principal Consultant and Technical Account Manager�with SDL Tridion and has worked with the company for�7 years. He specializes in infrastructure related matters and is a Certified Consultant. Next to helping customers with their WCM needs, Julian is instrumental in many of the Knowledge Sharing activities at SDL Tridion. In the past, Julian has arranged the quarterly knowledge sharing between customers, partners, certified consultants and SDL Tridion. He is also the technical lead on SDL Tridion World.�

Julian is a large contributor to SDL Tridion World and the SDL Tridion community as a whole. You can follow him on�Twitter�and via his personal blog. He has also written the following articles for SDL Tridion World:

Training Matters

Training - the acquisition of knowledge, skills and competencies - is an essential part of any employee's toolkit for their daily jobs and without it employees will struggle to do their job in an efficient and successful manner. For an organization, it is crucial that the right people are trained well to use tools, such as a Content Management System (CMS), so that the organization can fully leverage the potential of their investment. 

Monitoring Tridion Publishing with Tridion Application Monitoring

SDL Tridion introduced Application Monitoring as part of the SDL Tridion R5.3 GA release. This functionality enables Administrators to monitor certain aspects of the environment to ensure optimal uptime of essential processes. Tridion Application Monitoring can be extended to enable Administrators to monitor even more than what is delivered out of the box.  

What is the SDL Tridion Object Cache?

The SDL Tridion Object Cache is an in-memory cache that stores frequently used objects from the Content Data Store. The cache keeps objects available to applications for repeated usage. This prevents SDL Tridion Content Delivery from having to retrieve objects from the Content Data Store for each request. Typically caching includes linking information, metadata and component presentations. The Object Cache is designed to significantly improve the performance of your Web sites and is available to every Content Delivery module. SDL Tridion recommends implementing it in every production environment. 

Using SDL Tridion Object Caching with Apache Active MQ

In R5.3 GA, SDL Tridion introduced Object Caching using JMS as a mechanism for synchronization of the caches. The mechanism allows cached objects, cached by the websites, to be invalidated in the event of a newer version of the object being deployed to the website. JMS based messaging provides a more scalable mechanism for cache updates than RMI based messaging which was the only option prior to R5.3.