About the Author

Will Price, Principal Consultant,  W.P. Consulting

Will is a seasoned web application consultant having worked on web projects for clients all over the world for the last 14 years. He has a deep technical and functional understanding of SDL Tridion solutions from his 6+ years working at SDL as a Principal Consultant in Amsterdam. Since 2012 he has been working freelance and continues to be involved in SDL Tridion projects.

Outbound Email Templating

When creating templates for the Email channel, there are some challenges to overcome, particularly in creating Text versions, and managing content in Rich Text fields. This article and accompanying eXtension will explain these challenges and accelerate the process of developing your Outbound Email templates. 

Content Delivery Network Integration

If your website visitors have to wait a long time for your site to load, at best you will bore them. At worst you will lose their business. This article illustrates how Tridion's extensible storage mechanism enables you to mitigate these risks by integrating with a CDN. 

Easily Publish Website Design

The Dreamweaver integration for Modular Templating enables you to rapidly upload HTML designs into SDL Tridion and publish them onto your website. However there are some common stumbling blocks related to how 2nd level dependencies are managed (for example the relationship between CSS and images), and the structure of the published files on your website. This article outlines these issues and illustrates a simple approach to overcome them. 

SiteEdit 2009 Essentials (1) - The Basics

So you have installed SiteEdit 2009.... what's next? This article contains details on how the basics of SiteEdit 2009 can be implemented in your templates, and then moves on to address additional features such as controlling the publication in which components and pages are edited, making embedded or linked components editable through SiteEdit, and enabling the editing and creation of components that are published as Dynamic Component Presentations. The whole article refers to functionality provided by SiteEdit 2009 SP2. Earlier versions will not necessarily work with the described approaches. The TT72267 hotfix is also required.  

Generic SDL Tridion 2011 Template Building Blocks

This set of generic template building blocks will accelerate your implementation of basic templating features including managing the design (CSS/JS/Images), generating breadcrumbs and grouping components by type

Outbound Email Templating eXtension

This eXtension contains TBBs and Function Source functions to accelerate the development of templates for sending mailings with Outbound Email.

Content Delivery Network Integration

This gives example code for a content delivery storage extension to hook in a CDN notification when pages, binaries and component presentations are published.

SiteEdit 2009 Essentials Template Building Blocks

This set of generic template building blocks will accelerate your implementation of SiteEdit 2009 features including creating and editing dynamic component presentations, manipulating the publication in which pages and components are edited, and making embedded components editable with SiteEdit.

Set of useful template building blocks

This community eXtension consists of a number of quick to use template building blocks for your convenience.