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What does it bring?

SDL Tridion and WebTrends created a limited integration between the SDL Tridion content management system (from R5.3) and WebTends Marketing Lab 2(ML2). This integration allows SDL Tridion users to enable Web Analytics on their web pages with a simple drag & drop action. ML2 measures the behavior of the visitors on your website and gives you the ability to create reports the eXtension contains several tags.

Supported tags

Normal page measuring + Advanced measuring
This TBB measures a page visit (view) and captures where the visitor is coming from.

Advertising Clicks measuring
This TBB measures advertisements viewed on a particular web page.

Content Groups measuring
This TBB measures a defined group of web pages with specific things in common, such as the same types of products, services, or information.

Customized URL measuring
This TBB measures the URL of the page that the request has been sent from. With this TBB you can specify a different URL than the standard URL Tridion is generating for your page.

On-Site Advertising measuring
This TBB measures advertisements viewed on a particular web page.

On-Site Search measuring
This TBB measures the search terms and results of your on-site search function.

Split Value measuring
This TBB is the default parameter WebTrends uses to split log files for Parent Child profiles.

WebForms measuring
This TBB measures the behavior of the visitor on a web form.

How does it work?

To enable your website for measuring the behavior of your visitors, you have to add measuring code to your web pages. Use the Template Builder to build your template and add the code by simply drag & drop a pre-installed (measuring) Template Building Block.

The manual that is included in the download package, describes what you need to do to implement the eXtension for Marketing Lab 2.

By using, copying, distributing, modifying or creating derivatives of this software or any extensions thereof, you accept all the license terms and conditions as set out below under ´┐ŻLicense agreement´┐Ż.

This extension is created for version R5.3 but is valid, working and tested on SDL Tridion 2009 and 2011.

Other Web Analytics Enablers

Currently we have developed eXtensions for Sitestat, WebTrends, Unica, Coremetrics, Omniture and Google Analytics.

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