Export To Excel

Export To Excel And Xml

This extension adds an Export To Excel option to the context menu. It enables you to export a selection of items to be exported to excel or xml. Items that end up in the exported file(s) are components and pages any other types are ignored.


Installing the extension

This building block is a GUI extension and should be installed using the TCM Extension Installer. Copy the ExportToExcel.zip file to a temporary location on your content manager server. For example D:\temp. Then open the command prompt on the content manager server and run a command that looks something like: D:\Tridion\bin\TCMExtensionInstaller.exe -add �D:\temp\ExportToExcel.zip�


After a successful installation, go to the internet information services (iis) manager. Then under �SDL Tridion 2009� or �SDL Tridion 5.3� go to the Extensions folder and right click on the ExportToExcel folder. Now choose �Convert to Application� and set the application pool to ASP .NET 4.0. If you don�t have a ASP .NET 4.0 Application pool you can install the .Net framework 4.0 and then follow the steps as described.



Note:Make sure your application pool (ASP .NET 4.0) is set to integrated and NOT classic

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