This building block enables you to drag and drop a machine translation option on you site with a single drag and drop. For content or microsites that due to time-to-market or costs reasons are not localized, this widget enables the site to be translated automatically into a chosen language.
FreeTranslation is a SDL website that offers free machine translation capabilities for business communication. The service can be automatically translate content and documents using SDL�s own very advanced machine translation technology. A visitor on a public enabled website can simply select a language, and will translate the page for him to the requested language.

How to enable your page or (micro)site 
The building block can be used in modular templating by simply dragging and dropping it in the page template. The building block creates an entry in the package, by default named �FreeTranslation�. This entry has to be put on the page, in the included example this is done in a Adobe DreamWeaver page template by putting @@FreeTranslation@@ in the page. The building block therefore has to be put before the DreamWeaver template in this case. 

How to install 
Just build the Visual Studio project, and with the regular post-build action the template building block is stored in your SDL Tridion R5 system. On request a compiled assembly is also available. 

How it works 
A very simple building block is used to put the script in your template. For supporting IE 6 & 7 that do not handle proper XHTML (f.i. self-closing tags) very well, I've added some dummy attribute, to prevent XML parsers (like the DreamWeaver mediator) to generate such a empty-element tag.

In this architecture, the widget only works on public sites. Staging and preview are (when javascript is enabled) show how the page looks and feels, but the actual translation cannot be executed there, since is a public site requesting your local content. Of course lots of enhancements and extensions can be thought of, but since this example shows the power of using building blocks in R5 templating in a very nice way I like to keep it simple and stupid. supports only a number of languages in its free version, and does show some advertisements. 

:    Ronald Wanink
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