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Welcome to the eXtension Community for experts that gives them a stage to share their building blocks. Other SDL Tridion powerusers will benefit from the contributions to the community and it will make their Web sites even more interesting.

Share your great work

The eXtension Community gives you, as an expert, the stage to display your great work such as reusable tools, Modular Templates, scripts and more. Your contributions will be very valuable for others who will use your work with much gratitude, because it saves time and the Web sites for which the building blocks are used will be even more interesting. Above all the marketing communications department will be grateful for the new online capabilities with the newest technologies and innovations in, for example, social marketing and Web analytics. 

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Shared community eXtensions

Export To Excel

This is a GUI extension that makes it possible to export a selection of items to excel or xml. Supported items for export are components and pages. All other items in the selection will be ignored.

Hotfix Manager

The HotfixManager is a simple tool which allows you to quickly manage the hotfixes you have installed on a system and is implemented as a custompage. It is a tool to have all installed hotfixes in one place and have an overview of them. You are able to upload an installed hotfix and all uploaded hotfixes are shown in a list. All uploaded hotfixes are downloadable again from the list.

Publish To Twitter

This building block enables you to publish fields from a component to Twitter when a page is published without incurring additional work for the end user.

SiteEdit 2009 Essentials Template Building Blocks

This set of generic template building blocks will accelerate your implementation of SiteEdit 2009 features including creating and editing dynamic component presentations, manipulating the publication in which pages and components are edited, and making embedded components editable with SiteEdit.

Component Iterator Assistant

The default Dreamweaver template expressing language offers basic support for Dreamweaver Templates with three built-in functions. Template developers often need more expressiveness to test if e.g. the first or last component-presentation on the page is being rendered, or how many component-presentations are on the page, or if the page is being previewed or published. The Dreamweaver CIA or Component Iterator Assistant adds five simple but powerful function extensions to the Dreamweaver templating language. The CIA is implemented as a Custom Function.

CWA Tag Library

The �CWA Tag Library� consists out of a number of Java custom tags which can be used in CWA 1.4.x implementations. The CWA Tag Library complements the CD Tag Library delivered with Tridion out-of-the-box.

SiteEdit 2009 prepare BluePrinting parameters TBB

You might have noticed the last three template parameters on the Enable SiteEdit 2009 TBB provided with SiteEdit 2009, which are related to BluePrinting. These parameters are interesting but being set at the template level, their value is fixed for all pages using a given Page Template. This TBB allows you to set these values for the current page being published.

Read-only Fields GUI Extension

This is a generic GUI eXtension that makes it possible to disable Component fields (both content and metadata). This is very handy when users should only be able to enter values using a custom url window or when a default value should be preserved.

Gravatar Integration

This is a GUI eXtension that integrates Gravatar photos in different places. The intention of this eXtension is to make the GUI a bit more relatable and social for the users using it by giving a �face� or a personal photo to each user.


The PowerTools are a wide range of tools developed to speed up content management processes within SDL Tridion, specifically helpful for powerusers with administrator tasks.

Set of useful template building blocks

This community eXtension consists of a number of quick to use template building blocks for your convenience.

Dreamweaver Get eXtension (DGX)

This "Dreamweaver Function Source" compensates for the perceived limitations of the �out-of-the-box� Dreamweaver Mediator.

Add Linked Components To Package

This generic template building block adds all linked components for a rendered page or component to the package. An end to the frustration of referencing linked component field values in your dreamweaver TBBs.

Web Analytics Enabler - Coremetrics (production ready)

The Web Analytics Enabler for Coremetrics allows you to easily drag & drop the Coremetrics code directly into your SDL Tridion templates. Also includes code to use the package in production environment.

KickApps integration

This eXtension allows you to integrate the KickApps Comments and Ratings capabilities within the SDL Tridion environment so that website visitors can interact with you through content.

Republish from publish queue

The Publishing Queue is the place in SDL Tridion where the workload of the content (to be) published to websites is visualized and managed. This eXtension adds a �Publish� option to the context menu on the Publishing Queue. At first glance this looks superficial, but it enables an item to be republished with changed publication options (e.g. other websites or override priority). The publishing uses standard SDL Tridion publishing, so the item is fully rendered, scheduled, prioritized and deployed again.


OpenID eliminates the need for multiple usernames and passwords for different websites and simplifying the online experience of the visitor. Visitors choose their own provider to securely store their identity, and from any other website they can use these credentials to log in. OpenID is an open standard, with security and visitor privacy as main focus areas. It does not collect or exchange any other personal information then strictly needed for remote identification.

SpamAssassin integration on previewing email

To know how successful your email will be delivered, you can test the preview of your email � where content and layout come together � against a set of general rules. Already in this phase of your email campaign preparations, you will have detailed information available on the probability of your email actually being delivered.

Statistics on spam classification of e-mail

SDL Tridion Outbound Email reports on whether emails were read, delivered, clicked, bounced etc. Typically, when emails are classified as spam by organizations, they disappear without any confirmation. This report identifies how often this has happened for a certain mailing, and reports this per organization, therefore giving a clear indication which organizations has classified your email as spam.

Create PDF on your website on-the-fly

This eXtension provides a simple but very effective method to generate a PDF document on-the-fly on your website, based on content available in SDL Tridion.

User controls on your website

This eXtension provides a sample implementation of how user controls can be implemented to let user controls on your website dynamically render content, navigation or search results in your page.

XSLT Mediator

The XSLT Mediator enables Compound Templates to leverage the power of XSLT Templates as part of the Modular Templating model of SDL Tridion.

Templating Base Project

The templating base project is a great starting point for anyone planning on writing templates in .NET and Visual Studio for Tridion R5.3 and higher

Ajax modal popup

Quite often a modal popup is needed. This is an out-of-the-box Ajax solution that shows an SDL Tridion dynamic component in a modal popup. It works in any JSP container and I also have it available for .Net or ASP customers/prospects for those interested.

Social Bookmarking

This building block allows you to define on a page or structure group which links to Social Bookmarking sites you want to display and have them rendered on the page. When the visitor clicks on a rendered icon, the corresponding Social Bookmarking website is opened, allowing the visitor to bookmark your webpage.

Assembly Upload Add-In for Visual Studio

For those developers working with Tridion Modular Templating this tool is very useful. It let you upload the dlls from your visual studio projects in a custom way, it means, no post-build event needed to upload the dll and the developer can choose which dlls to upload when needed

Add This Enabler

The AddThis button spreads your content across the Web by making it easier for your visitors to bookmark and share it with other people, again... and again... and again. AddThis helps your visitors create a buzz for your site and increase its popularity and ranking.

Natural Language Search

Natural Language Search (Q-go�s Intuitive Website Search) allows website visitors to ask questions in their own words and helps to find answers easily by showing only relevant results. It also helps organizations understand what visitors of their website are really asking.

External link overview

The external link overview functionality gives an overview of all external links used in the content manager. It also checks if the external link is a working link.

Tridion Generic .NET Collections

The classes provided in this eXtension give an easy and convenient way for loading xml lists of items that are generated from many of the GetListxxxx methods in the Tridion API. This eXtension provides two variation for both the .NET interops and the TOM.NET API

Managed Syndication

This BBX is the result of a project for which we designed an easy, structured and scalable way to publish RSS and Atom feeds from SDL Tridion R5.3. Please follow the guidelines and quickly publish syndication feeds populated by existing Components within your Tridion CMS!

WordPress blogging system

Integrate SDL Tridion with the WordPress blogging system. Create and manage content in SDL Tridion and publish it to WordPress or any other blogging tool

Google Maps

Integrate Google Maps with your SDL Tridion CMS by using the GeoCoding building block to easily create GoogleMaps content on your Web sites.

FreeTranslation.com widget

This widget enables freetranslation.com functionality on your site. In case your sites due to time-to-market or cost reasons are not available in a particular language, freetranslation.com can automatically translate your page on visitor request this way. FreeTranslation.com uses a simplified version of the SDL machine translation engine, which is the undisputed best technology for machine-supported translation of business communication.

Live Publishing Status

Live Publish Status (LPS) allows you to view the items that are currently being published without refreshing, this information is displayed on all pages of staging/Development servers and allows instant access to the following information, How many items in the publish queue and who it is publishing, if the page you are looking at is scheduled for publishing etc, when the page was last published to staging/Development and how long it took to publish the last time.

Multi Variate Testing

Web Site optimization for organizations allow marketers to understand what combination of web site components (lay-out, text, images,..) contribute to the successful conversion rates. Set your variants within the SDL Tridion WCM system en get the conversion results in your comScore/Nedstat MVT screen.

Publish To Flickr

This building block allows you to publish images stored in SDL Tridion, that are important for your brand consistency, directly to the Flickr photo sharing service.

Web Analytics Enabler - comScore

The Web Analytics Enabler for Sitestat (comScore, previously Nedstat) allows you to easily drag and drop the Sitestat code directly into your SDL Tridion templates.

Web Analytics Enabler - Omniture

The Web Analytics Enbler for SiteCatalyst (Omniture) allows you to easily drag & drop the SiteCatalyst code directly into your SDL Tridion templates.

Web Analytics Enabler - Unica

The Web Analytics Enabler for NetInsight (Unica) allows you to easily drag & drop the NetInsight code directly into your SDL Tridion templates.

Web Analytics Enabler - Google

The Web Analytics Enabler for Google Analytics allows you to easily drag & drop the Google Analytics code directly into your SDL Tridion templates.

Web Analytics Enabler- WebTrends

The Web Analytics Enabler for Marketing Lab 2 (WebTrends) allows you to easily drag & drop the Marketing Lab 2 code directly into your SDL Tridion templates.

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