KickApps integration

This eXtension allows you to integrate the KickApps Comments and Ratings capabilities within the SDL Tridion environment so that website visitors can interact with you through content. It enhances the total website visitor experience; as well does it provide you a wealth of information. By tying it directly to Audience Manager, you can assemble a rich profile of your visitors. This information can be used to improve the relevance of the content published to your target audiences. 

KickApps is one of the leaders of social media platforms for enterprises. SDL Tridion customers who already use KickApps can immediately start making good use of the integration software. If you are not a KickApps user yet and you are interested to understand how their services can support you in achieving your social community goals, we are happy to introduce you to KickApps.

This eXtension allows your KickApps community members to log in to your SDL Tridion published ASP.NET website. New members are signed up to KickApps and SDL Tridion Audience Manager. Pages are automatically registered with KickApps, enabling all your community members to see the interaction on your website.

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:    social media,  web2.0,  comments,  ratings,
:   1.0
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About the Author
Peter Jan Beemster
Business Development Consultant

As a Business Development Consultant, Peter Jan makes integrations work between SDL Tridion products and external software in order to bring out unique solutions. Peter Jan used to implement SDL Tridion products at customers as a Professional Services Consultant.

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