Managed Syndication

There are several ways to publish RSS feeds from Tridion. Here is a generic, static solution, which allows you to publish feeds from Tridion using either the RSS or Atom format.

Each feed is based on a separate System Component and built thanks to a Compound Page Template. The output is a generic XML Document which is then transformed through an XSLT, to become a document, compliant with the RSS or Atom format standard.

Here is a picture summarizing the functionalities of this BBX:

To gather the Components we want to display in a feed, we specify the Folders where the Components are stored, but also the Schemas on which they are based.

Here is an example of a Syndication System Component, used to create an RSS feed:

The number of items to display in the feed is also set in each system Component.

This is how an RSS feed page published from Tridion looks like:

The title of each article in this picture links to its detail page, thanks to dynamic linking. 

A little setup is required before creating your first feed, but once this is done, you will be able to make an RSS feed in a minute.

Please refer to the �Syndication Solution Technical Design� document provided with this BBX and follow the Chapters �Installation� and �User Guide� for more details on how to build your first syndication feed. You will find general information about RSS and Atom in this documentation as well.

This BBX is extendable and customizable to fit your needs. For instance you could easily add optional RSS and Atom fields to your feeds. Also, since this solution is based on a static publishing method, building a Tridion Event System to republish your feed when a Component is saved would be efficient. The complete source code is provided with this BBX so that you can modify it if necessary.

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