What are the PowerTools

The PowerTools are a wide range of tools developed to speed up content management processes within SDL Tridion, specifically helpful for powerusers with administrator tasks.


Figure 1 - PowerTools


PowerTools contents

The PowerTools consist of the following tools:

  • Access Explorer: Show all permissions on folders and structure groups of a publication
  • Access Permissions Manager: Set permissions on folders and structure groups
  • Access Rights Manager: Show access rights on groups for all publications, and change them
  • Add User: The quickest way to add users to SDL Tridion
  • Batch Image Uploader: Upload binaries from local filesystem of the TCM server into SDL Tridion
  • Batch Page Creator:  Create pages from each component in a particular folder
  • Blueprint Viewer:  Show blueprint graphically (only use this for SDL Tridion versions before 5.2!)
  • Code Plumber: Find and fix memory leaks in template or script code (vbscript only)
  • Component Synchronizer: Makes sure all components are in sync with their schemas
  • Count Items: Count number of items in a certain SDL Tridion folder / publication / structure group
  • Cross Copier: Copy items across publications (beta)
  • Export Virtual Folder: Export all items in a virtual folder (beta)
  • Field Remover: Remove a field from a schema, but warn if there are components that have a value for the field.
  • Folder Splitter: If a folder contains too many items, use this tool to create subfolders and move the items there
  • Item Relinker: Find all items that link to item A and point those links to item B (useful if you need to remove an item)
  • Make Categories Readable: Make sure all categories in a publication are readable for everyone
  • Overview: Show overviews of schemas and other item types
  • Page Publisher: Take all pages in a certain structure group and publish them individually (rather than putting the entire structure group in the queue)
  • Page Synchronizer: Like Component Synchronizer, except it does pages
  • Publication Queue Manager: Create and manage different views on the publishing queue
  • Quick Search and Replace Tool: Does a global search and replace on all components that are based on a specific schema
  • Render Timer: Time how long it takes to render a particular template
  • Schema Template relationships: Shows the relation between schemas and component templates in a publication, and allows you to change the relation.
  • Show lists: Shows the output of different SDL Tridion XML Lists, with column and row filters
  • Syntax Analyzer: Show possible syntax problems in templates (particularly templates that have been created on R4)
  • Syntax Definitions: Create new syntax definitions for the syntax analyzer
  • Tail: Show last 20 (or more) lines of the EventSystemLog.txt or any other text file on the system (esp. useful if the event system logs in a text file)
  • Template Syntax Analyzer: Checks a template for undesired syntax and suggests improvements.
  • Template Syntax Definition Maintenance: Helper tool for the Template Syntax Analyzer. Allows you to view and edit the definitions used to check for undesired syntax.
  • Timer: Timer test. Times your pages.
  • TridionDoc: Generate 'javadoc' style documentation out of SDL Tridion templates
  • Set all Pages in Publication as unpublished: Sets all pages in a publication to unpublished
  • Set all Components in Publication as unpublished: Sets all components in a publication to unpublished
  • XML Viewer / XPath Searcher: Show the complete XML representation of any SDL Tridion item, and perform XPath queries on it                     

Figure 2 - Schema-Template Relationships



To install the PowerTools; unzip the archive into a directory called "PowerTools" under the SDL Tridion\Web directory. Add a custom page with url /PowerTools. 

By default, only system administrators can use these tools. All others are redirected to the splash screen.


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