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A much requested feature we at Tridion have always heard customers asking for is to be able to make component fields disabled for the end user when entering content. This could be due to several reasons, one example could be that the content shouldn't be manually typed into the field but rather be chosen from a 3rd party source (like a CRM database), for this a custom URL can be used. A custom URL window is a neat feature in Tridion allowing the developers of the solution to build an external form/app/html page that will help the editor enter the right information into a field. You can also think of a scenario where fields will become disabled or enabled based on the content being entered into other fields, giving the component edit form a more wizard like feel.

The eXtension I created doesn't have any such business logic but it does give a good basis to achieve this. The extension itself covers all types of fields; text, rich text numeric, date, links and embedded. Here are some examples of how the component fields look like when disabled:

Text fields

Readonly Extension -Text fields

Component link fields

Readonly Extension -Link fields

Embedded fields

Readonly Extension -Emdedded fields


The eXtension lets you configure a few aspects using a configuration object declared at the top of the eXtension js file.

Readonly Extension -config

Label configuration

To determine which suffix string the extension will look for in the fields´┐Ż title change the 'ReadonlyLabel' property.

Disabled color configuration

To determine which color to paint the disabled fields, change the 'DisabledColor' property.

Field types configuration

You can select which types of fields to disable regardless of the suffix added to the label. This can become even more handy if you choose to add some logic of your own to the eXtension.

More information about this GUI eXtension can be found on:

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About the Author
Yoav Niran
Senior Technical Consultant

Yoav joined Tridion in 2006 and is working in the Professional Services Maidenhead office as a senior technical consultant. 

He has been involved in numerous implementations, integrations and development of packaged services.

Yoav has much experience in .NET technologies and ASP.NET web development in particular.

He has also been the technical lead on the reconstruction of the SDL Tridion World website.

For more technical articles from Yoav go to:

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