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The Publishing Queue is the place in SDL Tridion where the workload of the content (to be) published to websites is visualized and managed. This eXtension adds a �Publish� option to the context menu on the Publishing Queue. At first glance this looks superficial, but it enables an item to be republished with changed publication options (e.g. other websites or override priority). The publishing uses standard SDL Tridion publishing, so the item is fully rendered, scheduled, prioritized and deployed again.

The eXtension leverages standard SDL Tridion GUI code to pop up the Publish dialog, and to support multiple selections. It uses the GUI extension mechanism to extend the context menu in the Publishing Queue.

This building block is a GUI Extension and should be installed using the TCM Extension Installer. On a standard installation of Tridion, the command line might be something like: 

C:\Program Files\Tridion\bin\TCMExtensionInstaller.exe �add 


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:    Publish,  Gui extension
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