SiteEdit 2009 Essentials Template Building Blocks

These generic Template Building Blocks will help you take your SiteEdit 2009 implementation from the basic features of SiteEdit to a more advanced level, with support for:

  1. Manipulating blueprinting contexts to ensure your components are edited and localized in the correct publications

  2. Creating component creation pages (for creating new dynamic and other content with SiteEdit)

  3. Enabling content published as Dynamic Component Presentations to be SiteEdit enabled.

  4. Enabling embedded components (components that are linked from the component that is put on the page) to be SiteEdit enabled

An overview of the TBBs is given below. Full details can be found in the accompanying SiteEdit 2009 Essentials Guide

  • SiteEdit Prepare� does the blueprint context calculation and pushes other useful items into the package, like the target type and include templates list

  • SiteEdit Process DCP Output- Fixes the issue where Dynamic CPs are not enclosed in markup to define them as Component Presentations as described in Dynamic Component Presentations

  • SiteEdit Enclose CP Output with span and JSON- Fixes the issue where the main CP is not enclosed in markup to define it as a Component Presentations when you have embedded CPs

  • SiteEdit Process Special CPs� Fixes the issue where all CPs processed by the Enable SiteEdit 2009 TBB are marked with IsQueryBased : false. Used for publishing DCPs, or embedding one CP within another

  • Site Edit Prepare Component Creation � pushes the default content and metadata xml into the package, and some other items useful for Component Creation pages used to create dynamic CPs through SiteEdit

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