Statistics on spam classification of e-mail

SDL Tridion Outbound Email reports on whether emails were read, delivered, clicked, bounced etc. Typically, when emails are classified as spam by organizations, they disappear without any confirmation. This report identifies how often this has happened for a certain mailing, and reports this per organization, therefore giving a clear indication which organizations has classified your email as spam.

How to get spam statistics from SDL Tridion

Install the custom page in the Content Manager Explorer and select 'Spam Statistics'

Select Mailing by name, number of days, and number of results to filter on. 

  • Mailing is the title of the mailing we want to report on 
  • Days filter is the number of days estimated when mail is considered spam. Since it can take a couple of days to get all results back from all organizations, we only classify an e-mail as spam when no reaction is received (so status==�delivered�) after a number of days. 
  • Results filter is the minimum number of spam detections per organization before showing statistics on spam. Losing a single e-mail out of thousands does not indicate an organization classified your e-mail as spam, but 95 mails disappearing out of 100 does, so a minimum count can be set.    

Click the 'Search' button. The filter will display the number of possible spam items per company email address, sorted alphabetically.

The result can be copied with the copy button into the clipboard if needed for including it in paper reports.

Remark: this VBScript eXtension only works out of the box on Outbound E-mail 1.3, for supporting Outbound E-mail 2009 the code has to be converted to .NET.

:    Amakozi
License agreement
:    spam detection,  reputation management,  outbound email
:   1.0
:   Yes

About the Author
Hendrik Tredoux

Hendrik Tredoux worked for SDL Tridion in Amsterdam for seven years prior to co-founding Amakozi Technologies, and was instrumental in the development of the original SDL Tridion WCM product.

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