SpamAssassin integration on previewing email

For marketers sending out mailings, delivery is a crucial aspect of email campaigns because more than 95% of all email is blocked and never delivered. The earlier feedback can be given on the success of delivery, the better. Content and layout play an important role for spam detection engines. To know how successful your email will be delivered, you can test the preview of your email � where content and layout come together � against a set of general rules. Already in this phase of your email campaign preparations, you will have detailed information available on the probability of your email actually being delivered. 

This eXtension integrated one of the leading spam detection rule engines in the preview pane, giving immediate feedback to the marketer of the results from a delivery perspective. Problems with content can of course simply be solved in the Content Management environment, but this eXtension also provides some building blocks to show how simple certain layout problems can be solved.

Integrating SpamAssassin for email authors

Delivering email is nowadays an important topic when sending out enterprise email campaigns. The large majority of emails is blocked for various reasons and on various spots. Since communication via email for sure does not meet its goals when e-mails do not arrive, it is crucial to have support on the delivery aspects of e-mail in Outbound E-mail.

Sending out test emails

Email delivery can be optimized in various parts of the lifecycle of creating, testing, sending and optimizing emails. Testing e-mails for delivery is very important, best practice is to test your email campaigns on various platforms (gmail, outlook, hotmail, etc..), since this actually shows whether the real mail to be sent out actually arrives.

Executing email campaigns

Here reputation management is the key aspect, with or without a specialist third party email campaigns should be sent out in small batches rotating over the various domains, especially when new domains start sending out large volumes.

Optimizing email

Since Outbound Email gives detailed feedback on the status of the sent out mails, learning from this and understanding why results are good or bad is key to improve your next campaign.

Creating email

Next to that, also while creating email the authors can already check and optimize for email delivery. The earlier in the process mistakes are fixed, the cheaper and better! To be able to support the authors, we have integrated one of the leading open source spam detection engines called SpamAssassin in the preview stage of making e-mails. SpamAssassin is a rule based system, and is used by many mail servers to check for spam.

How does that work?

While previewing the content this extension gives feedback on how SpamAssassin rates your content, even when it is just content without any specific e-mail capabilities. Next to that, it provides a growing number of small modular templating building blocks to fix common problems.

Based on the ruleset the content is rated for spam, and gives the spam score as feedback to the user, including a set of rules that caused this score.

The template building blocks that provide SpamAssassin feedback during previewing can simply be drag-and-dropped in the existing modular template.

Also additional insight is provided to help the author fix problems with content and layout as easy as possible. Since certain rules can have contributed to a positive spam detection score, these rules are shown, and for some generic fixable layout problems also template building blocks are provided. The can be drag-and-dropped into the mail template to improve the spam status of the email.

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