Set of useful template building blocks

The download package contains a set of useful template building blocks:

  1. Get Breadcrumb Trail - Generate an HTML breadcrumb trail for the published page.
  2. Group Components By Template Type - Group templates by template so they can be iterated with different repeaters in your DWTs (useful for Homepage layouts etc.)
  3. Generate Page List Xml - Generate an XML listing of pages within a section of the website, useful as a first step for publishing navigation xml, or rss.
  4. Add Package XML Items As Binaries - Take XML items from the package and add them as binaries (useful with the above to create an .rss file to publish at the same time as a news index page for example)
  5. Get CSS Images - Publish all the images in a particular CMS folder - simply solves the problem where images referenced in CSS are not published.
  6. Fixed Activate Tracking - A fix for the default Activate Tracking TBB.
  7. Get Publication Information - Add some basic useful info to the package like the publication uri, publication url, images url.
  8. Get System Components - Add all components in a designated folder to the package (for example config and labels system components) so they can be accessed by your DWTs.
  9. SiteEdit Prepare & SiteEdit Tidy - If you are using ASP.NET master pages, you have a problem using the SiteEdit 1.3 TBB, as this relies on their being a closing html tag. These 2 templates work around this problem by temporarily adding one and then removing it.
  10. Get Sibling Components - add an array of all sibling components to the package.

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