Audience Manager Integration

The Audience Manager integration for WebForms enables you to directly connect your online forms to Audience Manager and manage subscriptions.

By connecting WebForms to Audience Manager, you will gather more data about your visitors which you can convert into profiles and target groups. This information you can reuse straight away in you online communication - both web and email. As such, it is the base for generating visitor intellingence and delivering a personalized and relevant online experience to your audience.

The subscription management forms include:

  1. Subscription Form
    Allows users to register for an account and provide personal data. The example includes the usual registration information, including password information, examples for the use of SDL Tridion 2009 hierarchical Taxonomies for interest groups, such as newsletter subscriptions, and a captcha validation.
  2. Login Form
    Handles basic login functionality against the Audience Manager contact database.
  3. Edit Profile Form
    Example for a multi-page form: The first page includes a login, the second page allows visitors to change their profile information and the third page displays the resulting profile overview. The profile form is prefilled with data known in the Audience Manager.
  4. Change password form
    Similar to the edit profile form, it allows the change of the set password. It demonstrates the update of a subset of Audience Manager data.
  5. Forgot password form
    Allows visitors, based on the username, to request the current password via email. This example uses the form email bindings.      

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