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Give your website visitors the opportunity to give feedback or ask a question. It is an easy way to understand individual customer needs and to provide customer support. To process this feedback/question in the backoffice, the form is equiped with pre-defined selection fields to state the category or topic.

In this example contact-us form the address field, a non mandatory field, is customized to be able to adjust its appearence after the country has been selected. You can set a different default country per country website where this form is used.

You can expect to receive a large variety of comments and questions from visitors through a contact-us form. In order to streamline them in your back-office processes, it helps a great deal when they are categorized. In SDL Tridion you can set up a taxonomy with categories and topics. This example form has a topic field with two levels that is integrated with your taxonomy. This way visitors are asked to indicate the category of their question from a drop down list.

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Nikolaos Georgiou
Senior Software Engineer

In my current position I discuss with clients about their needs and their wishes, I analyze these requirements with my team and then I develop the software solution that meets the demands.


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