Form Statistics

This eXtension measures the performance of your online forms and fields and presents that in a graphical way on the form itself. Understandig how your online forms are performing is important for optimizing the online interaction with your website visitors in order to achieve your online marketing objectives.

Field level performance

Measurement is done on field level when visitors fill in your online forms. Your primary goal is that visitors fill in at least the mandatory fields. Secondary you would like them to also fill in the other fields to learn more about this visitor. You can track the performance results per field in context of the form. Fields are automatically labeled wtih a color that matches their level of performance. What will grab your attention the most is the red colored fields, which indicate that they badly perform. It means that in most cases a critical (mandatory) field is not filled in by the visitor. With this knowledge you know which fields need to be improved by for instance adding or changing the hint text to better instruct the visitor.

Online form performance

The collected data of the fields is represented in the form performance graphic. It shows the overall performance of an online form indicating how often the forms 100% completed, partially completed and abandonned. When a form consists of multiple page, these performance indicators are shown per form page.

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About the Author
Peter Jan Beemster
Business Development Consultant

As a Business Development Consultant, Peter Jan makes integrations work between SDL Tridion products and external software in order to bring out unique solutions. Peter Jan used to implement SDL Tridion products at customers as a Professional Services Consultant.

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