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WebForms is your tool to be in control of online marketing communication using online forms. The WebForms Community will help you creating forms and its logic and process behind it. Make use of the ideas and capabilities that others have allready created, by downloading WebForms eXtension packages. You will be inspired and it will speed up your online form projects.

Collect and reuse

WebForms eXtention packages can vary from simple field types to challenging technical contributions. It often also consists of example forms. After downloading the package you import it with Content Porter to your Web environment. Collect all the packages you need and reuse them to start interaction with your website visitors using WebForms.

Did you create a WebForms eXtension? Please,  share it with us  and we will add it to the community.

WebForms eXtensions

Audience Manager Integration

The Audience Manager integration for WebForms enables you to directly connect your online forms to Audience Manager and manage subscriptions. This integration package includes example forms such as subscription form, profile form and forgot password form.

Form Statistics

This eXtension measures the performance of your online forms and its fields and presents that in a graphical way on the form itself. Understandig how your online forms are performing is important for optimizing the online interaction with your website visitors in order to achieve your online marketing objectives.

Poll form

Polls allow website visitors to express their opinions and ideas and provide you with valuable information about your audience. Polls can be everything from a single question with multiple optional answers to more extensive questionnaires.

Send Link To Friend form

If your website visitors find your content interesting, they will want to tell others about it. Instead of having them copy and paste urls in an email, you can offter them this send-link-to-friend form at the bottom of a page. The page titel and web page url will automatically be added to the email.

Download form

Website visitors download items from your website for their convenience every day. In return they give you their contact details, which can be considered as leads. A download form is therefore one of the most important lead generators in your organization.

Call Me Back form

Set up a direct line for your website visitors! Especially for advise intensive products or urgent situations, customers and prospects appreciate the possibility to talk to a member of staff. Go the extra mile and offer to call back your visitors.

Quiz form

One of the attention grabbers when introducing a product introduction or launching a campaign, is putting a quiz on your website. The scores of the participants is information that you can use to shape your offerings and web content.

Contact Us form

Give your website visitors the opportunity to give feedback or ask a question. It is an easy way to understand individual customer needs and to provide customer support. To process this feedback/question in the backoffice, the form is equiped with pre-defined selection fields to state the category or topic.

Visitor interaction

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