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Polls allow website visitors to express their opinions and ideas and provide you with valuable information about your audience. Polls can be everything from a single question with multiple optional answers to more extensive questionnaires.

Polls on your website can be a smart tool for several reasons. As part of the rollout of a campaign, a poll can draw attention to your site. Maybe you would like to know what your target audience finds interesting, use a poll to get to know them better and provide more relevant content. If you want to understand the change of trends in your target market, reflect that in a poll and wait for the results.

This WebForms eXtension is a simpel poll where the poll creator can ask one or multiple questions and the visitor can provide a single answer per question. The votes are stored in a database to allow custom analysis. The results are immediately presented in return to the voter who can participate once only.

This poll form example uses a SQLite database engine (SQLiteJDBC package) to store the votes and to be able to provide the poll results back.

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About the Author
Nikolaos Georgiou
Senior Software Engineer

In my current position I discuss with clients about their needs and their wishes, I analyze these requirements with my team and then I develop the software solution that meets the demands.


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