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If your website visitors find your content interesting, they will want to tell others about it. Instead of having them copy and paste urls in an email, you can offter them this send-link-to-friend form at the bottom of a page. The page titel and web page url will automatically be added to the email.

In SDL Tridion you can easily add this form to your page templates. You automatically make it available on your website by publishing the pages. Any future page that is based on those templates will show this send-link-to-friend form and there is no technical support required. 

The subject field will be automatically filled with the title of the page and the URL will be added to the message field. When using Audience Manager or another database where customer data is stored, the visitor's email address can be pre-filled. To increase the security on your send-link-to-friend form, you can also add a captcha field to it. Download the Audience Manager Integration eXtension for pre-filling of fields and for captcha capabilities. 

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