SDL Tridion Community week in review - August 28, 2011

And here's our second edition of the Tridion Community weekly review, for the week ending August 28th.

Julian breaks his months-long silence, Gertjan provides us with a serious look into extending the Ambient Data Framework, Frank releases us from the pressure of dealing with .config files.

Albert Romkes releases a framework providing access to Tridion content from an ASP.NET MVC3 front-end (I am quite impressed by it, and looking forward to the 2011 port) and, sadly, we get an update to the List Quick Checker from Yoav - possibly his last update.

Monday August 22

How to connect to the Core Service without requiring an app.config or web.config - Frank Van Puffelen / tridion-practice cookbook

Frank posts a recipe for Tridion developers showing how we can talk to the Core Service without using configuration files.

The "Industrial-strength" Targeting, Personalization and Profiling messaging and Press Releasehits the Interwebs, prompting a lot of buzz and re-posting.

Belgian band Pirato Ketchup launch their new album, containing catchy tunes like Escape from Tridion. Obviously, our heartbeat monitor didn't fail to report this very important event!

Wednesday August 24

Tridion and ASP.NET MVC3 - Albert Romkes, blog

Albert shows off his amazing work (together with Kah Tang and Alfred Creemers) on building an ASP.NET MVC3 framework for Tridion-managed content. Great stuff!

Friday August 26

Fall in Love with SDL Tridion Publishing - Part Two - Julian Wraith, blog

Julian posts some insights on optimizing the Tridion Publishing process and why he just can't stop loving it.

Show promotions based on any custom data with Tridion SmartTarget - Gertjan Assies, blog

Great samples and information on using Tridion's Ambient Data Framework with SmartTarget to show relevant, targeted content to your site visitors.

Saturday August 27

More Updates to the List Quick Helper - Yoav Niran, blog

In what is likely to be his last update to the very impressive List Quick Helper extension, Yoav leaves us a lot of detail on how to extend his extension and re-use it for other purposes - including a pretty cool suggestion from Frank.


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