SDL Tridion Community week in review - October 2, 2011

And here's the community review for last week, today coming to you straight from the KLM Lounge in Schiphol (Can I say that the Internet connectivity that made this possible is sponsored by KLM and my Delta Gold status?).

This week we had our second MVP Retreat in Lisbon (twitter feed here) and the focus for this year's event was the porting of our beloved PowerTools to the Tridion 2011 platform. As some of you may know, the Powertools have been serving Tridion customers since 2004 (at least) and completely stopped working with the Tridion 2011 release. Given that we now have a proper extension mechanism built into Tridion, we took the decision to create a better architecture for the power tools, and most (if not all) will now be available as GUI extensions instead of custom pages.

As the outcome of this meeting we have now a "working foundation" for these tools, including much requested features like Item Pickers and Progress Bars? More info to come about the new powertool framework this week as the Tridion MVPs and Community Builders start recovering from the shock of 30 degree weather (86 F) and great seafood.

As a side note, last year's outcome from the MVP meeting was the basis for what is now shown in our demos as the "Social Interaction" Toolbar.

Peter Kjaer was left with the ungrateful task of merging all the pieces of code that we wrote in Lisbon, and this will then be updated on our Google Code repository.

A big thank you to Chris Summers and Yoav Niran for having started this process months ago.

Final note: Though the leads of this effort are MVPs, everyone is welcome to collaborate on the tasks ahead.

Monday September 26

Our MVP John Winter releases a "back to 2005" extension, allowing you to create Image maps from within Tridion: Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 available on his weblog.

It has come to my attention that our Sysomos Heartbeat Monitor is not capturing everything, and some pretty good posts by our own Arjen Stobbe have been ignored?

Pushing Component Presentations to the package by our own Arjen Stobbe.

dreamweaver expressions at runtime

Render order of repeating regions and conditional blocks

If you know of other good sources on Tridion technical knowledge that we have been missing, please do let me know!

Interesting factoid sent out there by Sonja Keerl (@sonjake):

Global is really in our DNA. Just learned we are now 26 nationalities in #SDL #WCM Solutions. #


According to the Sysomos Heartbeat, there were: 169 (-32) total mentions of Tridion this week

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