SDL Tridion Community week in review - October 9, 2011

In a week marked by the flurry of press releases surrounding Compassion's new website (, we had quite some good technical posts from Jaime Santos and some more MVP-retreat related action from Julian, Jeremy and Alvin.

We're also making good progress on the "Creating a Power Tool" tutorial, which hopefully will open the doors for more people to start working on it.

Monday October 3

Julian's take on the MVP Meeting the week earlier, with painful detail on his (and co-workers Jeff Wisor and Peter Kjaer) experience with a flight that just shouldn't have happened?

Jaime Santos shows us why the Interops were made to be released:

Tuesday October 4

Alvin Reyes - who joins SDL WCMS Professional Services in California today - publishes the why and the how of the new MVP initiative to revive the power tools. and

Jeremy Grand-Scrutton (aka Tridion Fan Boy) also posts his experience of the MVP Retreat:

Wednesday October 5

The world goes wild with the launch of Compassion's new website.

Thursday October 6

Making good on one of the objectives set on the MVP Retreat, Julian launches the SDL Tridion Community Webinar concept. The first one is in November, and anyone is free to join - and welcome to present.

Friday October 7

The first part of the tutorial on how to create a power tool is made available in Google Code: A PowerTool Tutorial - Part 1.pdf

So far it only covers how to get the current Power Tool code base, but you have to start somewhere, right? More to come on this topic soon.

Saturday October 8

Jaime Santos comes up with a bit of brilliance on his last post: Hiding commands from the Content Manager Explorer:

Alvin Reyes also posts some info about his feelings on the MVP Retreat and the Tridion Community:


According to the Sysomos Heartbeat, there were: 252 (+83) total mentions of Tridion this week

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